BlackLikeMe Kids Collection

We realise that some of you may have questions about the separation of the BlackLikeMe and #LEGACY collections from RoyalDrip.

Firstly, both collections are alive and well and can be accessed here at BlackToMyRoots   BlackLikeMe    #LEGACY

Below is our statement in relation to BlackLikeMe Kids & #LEGACY

August 2020 

An Update about our Brand

It's been 7 weeks since our official brand launch and website opening, and time has really flown. It's been hectic, fun, frustrating and amazing all in one.

You may not be aware that after some soul searching and in response to significant feedback, we took the decision to separate BlackLikeMe Kids and #LEGACY collections from RoyalDrip.

This was a hard decision, but was taken for long term interests of both brands. BlackLikeMe and #LEGACY have a new home, and although we are the concerned mother, we are 150% sure that they are in great hands with our sister brand BlackToMyRoots.

The split allows us to cater to our customers more effectively, to ensure that you all receive the excellent shopping and customer experience that you deserve.

BlackToMyRoots is a one stop shop for Pro Black/Conscious/African Culture inspired Clothing, Homewares, Accessories, Gifts and Cards. They have an extensive range of 'Black Products' think the Black Selfridges. We think you'll agree that BlackLIkeMe is in safe hands!

Their motto is Stimulate. Educate. Motivate.

RoyalDrip is a Luxury LifeStyle Brand, streetwear with a big splash of luxury, complemented by an extensive range of personalised and matching accessories and gifts, for children, teens and young adults.

We have a new Mono & Crowns collection to complement our Signature collection, the full line will be available on September 15th, although there is a small selection of phone cases, tote bags and kid's T Shirts and Hoodies available now in the 'New' section