RoyalDrip LDN


Inspired by Black Wall Street, and amidst the current backdrop of lockdown, no school and the long overdue global outrage against black oppression worldwide, RoyalDrip, the brand was created by two budding entrepreneurs. One, a young  aspiring fashion designer, fashionista, Roblox and Minecraft megafan, about to embark on her last year at primary school and the other, her mother.

Armed with a desire to wear clothes with images that reflect her and her family, the BlackLIkeMe kids collection was born.  Aimed at Black primary school aged children and toddlers, the range features positive 'cute' images of melanated children. RoyalDrip understands the importance of positive representation and are trying to redress the balance in a small way.


The range will continue to expand as we include more products, and additional designs, as well as a range aimed at tweens.

RoyalDrip is an inclusive brand, but we are unapologetically focused on the building of our community and the empowerment of our young people.

As a commitment to our vision, we will be designing a range of merchandise, the profits of which will be donated to two charities very close to our hearts.  The first is an orphanage in Uganda, and the second Ashdon Jazz Academy who work with disengaged and vulnerable young ladies aged 11-21, providing a dedicated emotional wellbeing service. We will also be adding a donate button at checkout that could help to drive much needed donations straight to these fantastic causes.. More details to come.

Our goal is to collaborate with other Black owned businesses that provide high quality products that represent Black children and their heritage. If you would like to have a conversation, please email

It takes a village!     

Each One Teach Ten!(because one is no longer enough, we need to bring up as many as we can!)